Statement from Rep. Jay Rodne on passage of bill that would suspend Taxpayer Protection Act (I-960)

Rep. Jay Rodne, R-North Bend, released the following statement on the narrow passage of Senate Bill 6130 today. The measure would suspend the Taxpayer Protection Act (I-960), clearing the way for new tax increases.

“By enacting the Taxpayer Protection Act, the people of Washington told the Legislature they wanted transparency, accountability and bipartisan cooperation in matters of budgeting and taxation. With the passage of Senate Bill 6130, the will of the people has been pushed aside by majority Democrats in favor of raising taxes.

“I am firmly convinced that we cannot tax our way out of this economic recession. The key to our economic recovery will be job creation and growth in the private sector. I will continue to stand against tax increases that will only devastate struggling families, hurt small businesses and put more people out of work. Our state needs to adopt a sustainable budget, live within its means, and get its financial house in order.”

Quick facts:

The Taxpayer Protection Act (I-960) passed in 2007 with 53 percent of the vote in the 5th Legislative District, and 51.2 percent statewide. Current law requires: a two-thirds vote of the Legislature for tax increases; public e-mail notifications for tax increases proposals; and citizen advisory votes on tax increases.

Senate Bill 6130, as passed by the state House, would remove the two-thirds vote requirement of the Legislature for tax increases immediately after being signed into law by the governor.

There are currently 77 bills in the state House that, when combined, would increase taxes and fees by more than $3 billion in the state’s next fiscal year.

The 60-day legislative session is scheduled to adjourn March 11.


Washington State House Republican Communications