Statement from Rep. Jay Rodne on today’s revenue forecast

“Today’s revenue forecast is shocking news to taxpayers and state lawmakers. It has also unveiled four years of irresponsible state spending that now puts our state in a budget shortfall that approaches $8 billion.

“To make things worse on families, the majority party is now saying that tax increases might be necessary to fill the budget hole. I couldn’t be more against this approach. We cannot tax our way out of years of out-of-control state spending and unsustainable budgets.

“It’s time to learn from past mistakes, take tax increases off the table and commit to providing real solutions to our budget crisis. We can do this by limiting the size of state government and living within our means, reducing the tax burden on our citizens, and providing incentives for employers to grow so that we can get Washingtonians back to work. I’m committed to this approach and willing to work with my colleagues from both sides of the aisle to do what is best for our state.”


Washington State House Republican Communications