Rep. Rodne seeks congestion relief and safety improvements along SR 169 in supplemental transportation budget

Rep. Jay Rodne, R-Snoqualmie, secured funds in the 2016 House supplemental transportation budget that will benefit commuters throughout the 5th District.

The budget as passed by the House Thursday sets aside $150,000 for a corridor safety study along SR 169 to identify locations for safety improvements and traffic congestion relief.

“Recent fatalities and increased congestion caused by rapid growth in the Maple Valley area have led to calls for highway improvements along State Route 169. We must continue working on solutions to mitigate congestion and improve overall commute safety,” said Rodne. “This study will be the first step in the process in pursuing further safety improvements along our highways.”

In addition, Rodne secured $100,000 for improvements on arterial roads in North Bend. Of particular concern, he says, are roads that have been damaged by semi-trucks near Exit 34 on I-90.

“We must address these immediate road problems in order to improve commute safety and ensure our economy remains productive,” added Rodne.

The budget now advances to the Senate for further consideration. The 2016 Legislature is scheduled to adjourn March 10.


Washington State House Republican Communications