Statement from Rodne on special session

Rep. Jay Rodne, R-North Bend, issued the following the statement after the adjournment of the 2013 regular legislative session.

“I am very disappointed the Legislature could not finish its businesses within the 105-day regular session. I had hoped the bipartisan work done on the Senate budget would carry over into negotiations with the House, but my optimism was misplaced. It appears as though House Democrats do not think the $2 billion more in revenue we have for this biennium is enough, as their proposal raises $879 million in new and increased taxes on the backs of our state’s taxpayers and small businesses.

“In comparison, the Majority Coalition Caucus budget invested $1 billion more in our state’s K-12 education without raising taxes. They understand what I hear from my constituents every day and what we heard loud and clear from the voters on Initiative 1185: taxpayers are already struggling and they cannot afford any new taxes.

“In the coming weeks, I hope House Democrats will begin to understand that we cannot continue to tax our way out of trouble. We must live within our means and budget responsibly.”



Washington State House Republican Communications