Statement from Rep. Jay Rodne on Substitute House Bill 1694 (2009 supplemental operating budget bill)

“I voted ‘no’ on  House Bill 1694 today. The measure is an acknowledgement that poor budget decisions of the past four years have caught up to the state. It also represents broken promises by those state lawmakers who supported the current operating budget.

“We cannot lose sight of the fact that our state will have 5 percent more revenue in the next two-year budget cycle, compared to our current budget. While a sagging economy has played a role, our state’s spending problem is what has contributed most to its $6 billion budget shortfall. It’s now time to make sound, responsible budget decisions moving forward, and make the tough choices that should have been made the last four years.

“I’m also concerned that the majority party refuses to eliminate tax increases as a way to address the budget shortfall. Taking tax increases off the table, and agreeing to spending limits, should be priorities even before deciding what reductions in state government are needed. In these uncertain economic times, state lawmakers need to assure families and employers that they will not have to bail out state government. The state must live within its means.”


Washington State House Republican Communications