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Jay Rodne

Representing the 5th District

I am honored to serve the communities of the 5th District. As your representative, it is my job to be your advocate. Your input informs the decisions I make on your behalf.

Our communities have faced challenges caused by economic downturn and poor decisions made in Olympia. Addressing our problems requires comprehensive solutions from state lawmakers. Many of these decisions are similar to ones facing families and employers – like adjusting to economic realities, setting priorities and finding ways to be more efficient.

We need long-term solutions that: revitalize our economy; reform our state budget process; and prioritize state government to focus on education, public safety and the safety net for our most vulnerable. I have put forward solutions in these areas – in addition to education, mental health and transportation – and will continue to advocate for them and others.

If I can ever be of assistance or if you have ideas to improve state government, I encourage you to get in touch.

Rep. Jay Rodne
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